Patricia Reeves

Patricia Reeves, a native Atlantan born in 1957, began painting at the age of seven. She has worked in Fine Art disciplines as a master artist for decades. Her work has been collected and placed in national and international arenas. She has also been an executive artist creating marketing solutions for corporations, including Fortune 500 companies. On TV and radio, Patricia’s speaking and demonstrating platform is found on a living testimony of how “Art Heals.”


This “Art Heals” phenomenon was discovered after a severe crash from a lifestyle of workaholism in 1991. Toxic to medications at that time, Patricia cried out a desperate prayer to God, asking Him for a healing intervention ASAP. House-bound with illness she began reading first-hand “healing stories” in the Bible. She had enough faith as large as a mustard seed to sign up for her own miracle.


With nutrition, exercise and painting from her “heart” as a form of praise and prayer, Patricia’s recovery began. This combination became the most powerful medication to her body, mind and spirit. After this miraculous personal touch and direction from the Lord, Patricia founded the “Art of Living” Ministries (501-c3) in 1994: “Serving Soul Food through the Arts” to mentally and physically challenged groups and individuals.


Patricia has been an innovative and respected leader in Therapeutic Art disciplines, described as a “nurse with a paintbrush.” She teaches healthcare professionals and caregivers how to use art as medicine. Scientific evidence supports this finding and suggests exposure to the liberal arts enhances the immune system. Testimonies have been reported to the news media and administrative letters have graced her portfolio of achievements. Patricia believes…with God all things are possible.

Painting in France was a dream since 1974, that my amazing family made possible in 2018! Psalm 34….. love & honor your cheerleaders! You never know what dreams God will make come true for you. Also be a part of someone else’s dream….”How can you be the hands & feet of Jesus each day on this side of glory?”