What People Have to Say

Dear Patricia…
I am still relishing my 3-night stay at your fabulous Art of Living Ministry residence – where ‘you and your Art Barn serve the Lord!”  It’s actually a ‘sanctuary’ – a sacred place which was so evident from the moment I arrived.
It was 7pm, of the first Tuesday night fellowship study on Deliverance. Our teacher (Noe) asked us to repeat a prayer of forgiveness.  God’s Healing Hands was powerfully present and permeated every inch of your building – the physical place and everything there to serve Him and all the souls that walk through your door.
Your good heart, dear sister in Christ, is truly God-breathed!  I was almost breathless from all the love shared in my short stay at your Art Barn.   From the start of your day till you retire…your singular focus is an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit in you.
I’m so grateful you let me hold onto your ‘cloak’ for the ride – and remain abundantly blessed for the precious time we spent together.
Thank you for sharing the healing power of your artistic talent – we were free to play with color around your table and witnessed ‘creating with the Creator’ – the experienced was one of pure joy!
There will be a piece of Patricia that holds a special place in my heart … forever.
Love always in Christ,
Dr. Nan  

To whom it may concern,

I have had the privilege of knowing Patricia Reeves for over 10 years. She has been an exemplary art teacher for four of my children at different times throughout those years. Not only is she an amazing artist, she is also an amazing teacher. Often the two of those things do not go hand in hand, but they do in this case. Patricia is an unbelievable artist with a talent unlike many others, while, at the same time, being a well-seasoned instructor in the arts.  Patricia goes above and beyond to make sure that her students understand the concept they are working on before moving on to the next. She also exhibits a kind soul to her students and genuinely cares about their well-being inside and outside of the classroom. She is very diligent to teach the major themes covered in an art class, but also maintains an extremely enjoyable atmosphere in her art studio. I absolutely would encourage others to consider Patricia Reeves as an art teacher if they are looking to pursue art lessons. She has been and continues to be a huge blessing to our entire family and to her community in North Georgia.


Christine Hill

Patricia is an amazing teacher and friend who exhuberates joy and passion everywhere she goes. Doing an internship with Art of Living Ministries was such a special and magical experience, as she really helped me grow as an artist. Patricia breaks down and simplifies the art process making it doable and fun for anyone and everyone. Her love for the Lord, her heart to help others, and her charismatic and positive personality all come out in her teaching, making you feel loved and celebrated. She has spoken into my life, affirming my giftings and calling as a creative and as a child of God. Her heart is not only to teach but to help people find healing and rest in creativity, and connection with their inner self. Working with Patricia changed the way I paint and has given me a heart to share art and creativity with the world around me. I’m so thankful to have Patricia as a a forever friend, as she is a powerful teacher, friend and mentor so so many people!

Alyssa Kumle